Accra Coir International (ACI) which was established in the year of 2005 in Divulapitiya, Sri Lanka started with a single machine of 5kg block with the intention of giving the best quality to the clients, hence Accra has gained a tremendous outcome with their performance in providing coco substrate. Since then, Accra Coir International has been a leading industry as a provider of coco peat and coco products. In the coir industry, we manufacture coir products and our main product is coco peat. Accra extract and export products like Coco peat blocks, Grow bags, Briquettes, Discs, Loose coco bag and from 2014 on wards we started supplying animal bedding products as well.

Accra Coir International founder Vajira Jayasinghe, who has gained vast experience through his professional carrier in state sector made ACI to gain the best performance with his natural leadership qualities.

Retaining Quality in Management and Operation always make their path to success.
ACI distribute products to over 25 Countries in which they have increase the sales by 1.3$ every year.

Meet Our Team
Our Company in Faces !

Mr. Vajira Jayasinghe

Chairperson’s words
If we speak about my attitude towards the company and its procedures, being and providing the best quality is our first priority which my clients will always ask the brand Accra for. Growing crops is a main priority and should be handled best; it should be done very carefully so that our utmost responsibility is to give the best blend with the best size with specified specifications.

Mr. Chathura Jayasinghe

Operation Manager
Smooth, effective and efficient entreating will always make the process end with client’s and as well as Accra team’s satisfaction. My responsibility towards Accra is to make the path clear for our team to go in a good smooth track.

Mr. Prabath Gamage

Overseas Manager
Finding the best hydroponic coco peat solutions for every country and succeeding through the solutions giving the best coco peat by matching each and every difference in each countries.

Corporate social Responsibilities along with the sustainable development!
Not only just a business !


In the sense of Coco peat there, the best method of building up a sustainable development where growth of the economy is built up by sustaining natural resources and maintaining an ecological balance is to meet the needs of the present and future generations. Our products always maintain the highest point of keeping this stable.

Our Responsibility!

Corporate social responsibilities which we have been doing since the start of the organization includes building up houses for the needy, issuing educational material for those who cannot afford them, and once a year there will be a food donation for the Temple of Somawathiya.

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