Accra Coir International, a coir manufacturer and exporter from Sri Lanka established in the year of 2005.
In the coir industry, we manufacture coir products and our main product is Coco Peat. Accra extract and export products.
Succeeding through the premium quality which enhance the Brand “Accra” which will always keep in consumer’s Mind.

Accra Coir International

Providing our unique nature’s gift to the world.

Accra Coir International (ACI) which was established in the year of 2005 in Divulapitiya Sri Lanka started with a single machine of 5kg block with the intention of giving the best quality to the clients, hence accra has gained a tremendous outcome with their performance in providing coco substrate.

Since then, Accra Coir International has been a leading industry as a provider of coco peat and coco products. In the coir industry, we manufacture coir products and our main product is coco peat. Accra extract and export products like Coco peat blocks, Grow bags, Briquettes, Discs, Loose coco bag and from 2014 on wards we started supplying animal bedding products as well.

Coco peat Sri Lanka

COCONUT which is growing and found widely within Asian countries and some other countries as well, has the capability of extracting coco peat, but when it comes to Sri Lankan Coco peat, it has the natural EC and PH which exactly meet the requirement of the growers, therefore the Fertility of Sri Lankan Coco peat takes the lead.

ACI is registered under Sri Lanka Coconut development authority. The Sri Lanka Coconut development authority is always supportive to maintain the premium standards of our coir products.

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