Accra Has designed special products for pets for their bedding and also for their litter, we have special Mulch bags which can be used for reptile bedding and also Special dust vacuumed Coco peat for Animal Bedding. Also we have designed small pellets for Dog and Cat Litter also.

33 x 44 x 8070% coco peat 30% Fiber25 KG
33 x 44 x 8050% coco peat 50% Fiber25 KG
30 x 40 x 7070% coco peat 30% FiberT25 KG
30 x 40 x 7070 % coco peat 30% fiber25 KG

And more products are available per your requirements, so communicate with us for to make it
convenience for you to choose the best match for your animals.


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